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Definition of Mood


  1. Manner; style; mode; logical form; musical style; manner of action or being. See Mode which is the preferable form).
  2. Manner of conceiving and expressing action or being, as positive, possible, hypothetical, etc., without regard to other accidents, such as time, person, number, etc.; as, the indicative mood; the infinitive mood; the subjunctive mood. Same as Mode.
  3. Temper of mind; temporary state of the mind in regard to passion or feeling; humor; as, a melancholy mood; a suppliant mood.
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Mood Translations

mood in Danish is stemning
mood in Dutch is stemming, moreel, gemoedstoestand
mood in Finnish is ilmapiiri
mood in French is humeur, changeant, ambiance, diapason
mood in German is launisch, Stimmung, Stimmung
mood in Portuguese is modo
mood in Spanish is humor, animo, veleidoso, capricho