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Definition of Monarchies


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Monarchies Quotations

Republics end through luxury; monarchies through poverty.
Charles de Secondat

Luxury ruins republics; poverty, monarchies.
Charles de Montesquieu

Our policy is to deepen the relations with all the countries in the world - monarchies, kingdoms, large powers - we want to respect all differences and have our relationships based on mutual respect.
Hugo Chavez

The fake republics are goners; the monarchies have a fighting chance. That's my conclusion after a short visit to the Middle East and discussions with officials and analysts there.
Elliott Abrams

When the United States was founded, the very idea of a nation premised on democratic principles of freedom and tolerance was viewed by the vast majority of the world as an experiment doomed to fail. Dictatorships, monarchies, and theocracies had for many centuries ruled the world.
Eliot Spitzer
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Monarchies Translations

monarchies in German is Monarchien
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