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Definition of Molecular


  1. Pertaining to, connected with, produced by, or consisting of, molecules; as, molecular forces; molecular groups of atoms, etc.

Molecular Quotations

What's been gratifying is to live long enough to see molecular biology and evolutionary biology growing toward each other and uniting in research efforts.
E. O. Wilson

Cancer is like the common cold; there are so many different types. In the future we'll still have cancer, but we'll detect it very, very early, so that it won't kill anybody. We'll zap it at the molecular level decades before it grows into a tumor.
Michio Kaku

Molecular gastronomy is not bad... but without sound, basic culinary technique, it is useless.
Alton Brown

A molecular gastronomist is really just someone who explores the world of science and food.
Homaro Cantu

We can grow crops less expensively because molecular manufacturing technology is inherently low cost.
Ralph Merkle
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Molecular Translations

molecular in German is molekular
molecular in Spanish is molecular

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