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Definition of Modernize


  1. To render modern; to adapt to modern person or things; to cause to conform to recent or present usage or taste.

Modernize Quotations

Look, the whole world wants to modernize, and when you look to what they mean by modernizing, they mean Americanize. Would a modern Greek prefer to live in Orange County than Piraeus? Yes. Absolutely.
Rupert Murdoch

I love old architecture. I love collecting furniture, mixing really earthy things with the very polished. I don't come from an interiors background, so I'm not an expert. I just enjoy going to antiques shows and finding interesting things. I'm really into beautifully made things, like hand-carved wood, and I want to figure out how to modernize it.
Jason Wu

I started digging and found that Israel signed a peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates after the country had diversified their economy, instead of being solely oil-based. This diversification had brought about modernization. I realized that if you land the price of oil, countries will diversify their economies and as a result, modernize.
Shai Agassi

Few people understand the magnitude of the catastrophe that happened late in the 1980s when the Communist Party had failed to modernize the Soviet Union.
Vladimir Putin

Now, I know it's a widespread assumption in the West that as countries modernize, they also westernize. This is an illusion. It's an assumption that modernity is a product simply of competition, markets and technology. It is not. It is also shaped equally by history and culture. China is not like the West, and it will not become like the West.
Martin Jacques
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Modernize Translations

modernize in Dutch is moderniseren
modernize in French is modernisons, modernisent, moderniser, modernisez
modernize in German is modernisieren
modernize in Italian is modernizzare
modernize in Spanish is modernizar
modernize in Swedish is modernisera
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