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Definition of Mobilization


  1. The act of mobilizing.

Mobilization Quotations

In effect, I was asking that if Russia mobilized against Austria, the German Government, who had been supporting the Austrian demand on Serbia, should ask Austria to consider some modification of her demands, under the threat of Russian mobilization.
Edward Grey

Leadership - mobilization toward a common goal.
Garry Wills

Civil movements and riots are as old as human civilization. Long before Twitter was created, mobilization of the discontented was mouth-to-mouth, or even by 'smoke signals' to gather the uprising against established political power.
Eduardo Paes

In the '90s, there was scant presidential leadership and insufficient domestic political mobilization for foreign policy grounded in human rights.
Samantha Power

It is important to distinguish between the power of the Internet to make the great change it can, and the limits and vulnerabilities of that change without real-time political mobilization deployed globally to protect those who venture out, especially in closed societies, into the heady new vistas it offers.
Naomi Wolf
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Mobilization Translations

mobilization in French is mobilisation
mobilization in German is Mobilmachung {f}, Aufbietung {f}
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