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Definition of Mixed


  1. of Mix
  2. Formed by mixing; united; mingled; blended. See Mix, v. t. & i.

Mixed Quotations

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.
A. A. Milne

We never taste happiness in perfection, our most fortunate successes are mixed with sadness.
Pierre Corneille

It's not even about black and white anymore, because so many people are from mixed backgrounds and mixed ethnicities, and it's just a great time to be able to pull all that together.
George Lopez

She's like a Barbie, then she wants to be a superhero, or coming out of a spaceship and everything's pink. She makes a certain move that's ghetto hood mixed with a little robot so its like I'm evolving Nicki Minaj and developing her style. She's fearless, and I love her.
Laurieann Gibson

Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks, are a confusion to the soul.
George Carman
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Mixed Translations

mixed in German is gemischt
mixed in Italian is mischiato
mixed in Latin is promiscus promiscuus
mixed in Spanish is mixto
mixed in Swedish is blandad
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