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Definition of Misty


  1. Accompained with mist; characterized by the presence of mist; obscured by, or overspread with, mist; as, misty weather; misty mountains; a misty atmosphere.
  2. Obscured as if by mist; dim; obscure; clouded; as, misty sight.

Misty Quotations

I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like silence, listening to silence.
Thomas Hood

Each morning my characters greet me with misty faces willing, though chilled, to muster for another day's progress through the dazzling quicksand the marsh of blank paper.
John Updike

I don't ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning. There they are, and they are beautiful.
Pete Hamill

'Misty of Chincoteague', 'The Black Stallion', the 'Saddle Club' books, I read 'em all. I was horse-crazy.
Maggie Stiefvater

Although the French were very friendly and helpful. On one location we were to film at the top of the Eiffel Tower but we couldn't, as it was so misty with four inches of snow on the ground. We couldn't see a thing but we finally got it done.
Lalla Ward
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Misty Translations

misty in Dutch is mistig, dampig, heiig, nevelig
misty in French is brumeux
misty in German is nebelhaften, nebelhaft, neblig
misty in Italian is nebbioso
misty in Latin is nebulosus
misty in Swedish is disig, dimmig
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