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Definition of Mister


  1. A title of courtesy prefixed to the name of a man or youth. It is usually written in the abbreviated form Mr.
  2. To address or mention by the title Mr.; as, he mistered me in a formal way.
  3. A trade, art, or occupation.
  4. Manner; kind; sort.
  5. Need; necessity.
  6. To be needful or of use.

Mister Quotations

I have a personal barber, Mister C. He lives in Brooklyn, but he travels with me. He used to cut Lady Gaga's hair, but he fired her to work for me.
Theophilus London

As long as there are people in education making excuses for failure, cursing future generations with a culture of low expectations, denying children access to the best that has been thought and written, because Nemo and the Mister Men are more relevant, the battle needs to be joined.
Michael Gove

But I can only take so much TV, because there is so much advice. I find people will preach about virtually anything - your diet, how to live your life, how to improve your golf. The lot. I have always had a thing against the Mister Know-It-Alls.
Bill Murray

When I was old enough to change my name, I changed it to Mr. T so that the first word out of someone's mouth was 'Mister,' a sign of respect.
Mr. T

Never apologize, mister. It's a sign of weakness.
Frank S. Nugent
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Mister Translations

mister in Danish is hr., herre
mister in German is Herr
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