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Definition of Mirth


  1. Merriment; gayety accompanied with laughter; jollity.
  2. That which causes merriment.

Mirth Quotations

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
William Shakespeare

I never get any protests from children. All you get are giggles of mirth and squirms of delight. I know what children like.
Roald Dahl

The appreciative smile, the chuckle, the soundless mirth, so important to the success of comedy, cannot be understood unless one sits among the audience and feels the warmth created by the quality of laughter that the audience takes home with it.
James Thurber

Fun I love, but too much fun is of all things the most loathsome. Mirth is better than fun, and happiness is better than mirth.
William Blake

It is not time for mirth and laughter, the cold, gray dawn of the morning after.
George Ade
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Mirth Translations

mirth in Swedish is munterhet
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