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Definition of Mimic


  1. Alt. of Mimical
  2. One who imitates or mimics, especially one who does so for sport; a copyist; a buffoon.
  3. To imitate or ape for sport; to ridicule by imitation.
  4. To assume a resemblance to (some other organism of a totally different nature, or some surrounding object), as a means of protection or advantage.

Mimic Quotations

Yoga is the most boring exercise. It's for people who are too lazy to get on the elliptical. Bikram, where they heat up the room to mimic India's climate, is especially stupid. People in India are not skinny because they're doing yoga in 105-degree rooms; they're skinny because there's no food.
Noureen DeWulf

Cunning... is but the low mimic of wisdom.

I run, but boxing conditioning is different, so you have to get used to running in the ring. Boxing movements are very different. Swimming is one of the best because every single muscle is working. I swim a lot. I train very hard at things that mimic boxing. I have to do mostly sport-specific training, such as lots of sparring.
Wladimir Klitschko

I guess if you have an original take on life, or something about you is original, you don't have to study people who came before you. You don't have to mimic anybody. You just have a gut feeling inside, an instinct that tells you what's right for you, and you can't do it in any other way.
Barbra Streisand

We ape, we mimic, we mock. We act.
Laurence Olivier
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Mimic Translations

mimic in German is Mimik, mimisch
mimic in Spanish is imitador
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