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Definition of Microscopic


  1. Alt. of Microscopical

Microscopic Quotations

No one intuitively understands quantum mechanics because all of our experience involves a world of classical phenomena where, for example, a baseball thrown from pitcher to catcher seems to take just one path, the one described by Newton's laws of motion. Yet at a microscopic level, the universe behaves quite differently.
Lawrence M. Krauss

By means of microscopic observation and astronomical projection the lotus flower can become the foundation for an entire theory of the universe and an agent whereby we may perceive Truth.
Yukio Mishima

I think there must be some other life forms, even if they're microscopic.
Liam Neeson

As of now, string theorists have no explanation of why there are three large dimensions as well as time, and the other dimensions are microscopic. Proposals about that have been all over the map.
Edward Witten

The ladies looked one another over with microscopic carelessness.
Arthur Baer
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Microscopic Translations

microscopic in German is mikroskopisch
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