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Definition of Metaphysical


  1. Of or pertaining to metaphysics.
  2. According to rules or principles of metaphysics; as, metaphysical reasoning.
  3. Preternatural or supernatural.

Metaphysical Quotations

Like everything metaphysical the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Love is metaphysical gravity.
R. Buckminster Fuller

In a deep metaphysical sense, all that is conditioned is illusory. All phenomena are literally 'appearances,' the outer masks in which the One Reality shows itself forth in our changing universe. The more 'material' and solid the appearance, the further is it from reality, and therefore the more illusory it is.
Annie Besant

Prayer's important, not just as some kind of a metaphysical exercise, but I think it's a way to refresh one's own mind and motive. If you're praying, you're really looking beyond your own personal thoughts and the pressures that are around you.
Mike Huckabee

In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms, I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me.
John Fowles
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Metaphysical Translations

metaphysical in German is metaphysisch
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