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Definition of Merchandising


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Merchandising Quotations

Madonna remains the most visible performer on the planet, as well as one of the wealthiest, but would anyone seriously say that artistic self-development is her primary motivating principle? She is too busy with Kabbalah, fashion merchandising, adoption melodramas, the gym, and ill-starred horseback riding to study art.
Camille Paglia

Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandising moves goods toward people.
Morris Hite

Relentless improvement of the product and upgrading of consumer tastes are the heart of mass merchandising.
Christopher Lasch

I wanted control over the merchandising, the actual packaging of the product. That was a big factor. The only way for me to exercise control on all those levels was to start my own label.
Helen Reddy

I was always into fashion because my mom has always been interested in fashion. She majored in fashion merchandising in college, and it's always been something we have in common.
Dakota Fanning
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Merchandising Translations

merchandising in German is handelnd
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