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Definition of Memorandum


  1. A record of something which it is desired to remember; a note to help the memory.
  2. A brief or informal note in writing of some transaction, or an outline of an intended instrument; an instrument drawn up in a brief and compendious form.

Memorandum Quotations

A memorandum is written not to inform the reader but to protect the writer.
Dean Acheson

As to the war with Japan, the President had already received my memorandum in general as to the possibility of getting a substantial unconditional surrender from Japan which I had written before leaving Washington and which he had approved.
Henry L. Stimson

We operate under the law. Covert action authorities are communicated in a memorandum of notification.
Cofer Black
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Memorandum Translations

memorandum in German is Vermerk, Verzeichnis, Verzeichnis, Notiz
memorandum in Swedish is not, promemoria

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