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Definition of Mediator


  1. One who mediates; especially, one who interposes between parties at variance for the purpose of reconciling them; hence, an intercessor.

Mediator Quotations

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.
Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is mediator between spiritual and sensual life.
Ludwig van Beethoven

In our western civilization we have the glorious example, the great standard of perfection and the teachings of the Christ to guide us. He acts for us as Mediator between our personality and our Soul.
Edward Bach

I'm a typical middle child. I'm the mediator. The one that makes everything OK, puts their own needs aside to make sure everybody's happy. It's hard to change your nature, even with years and years of therapy.
Jennifer Jason Leigh

Basically, Apollo was more of a mediator between Zeus in Olympus and Perseus on Earth. He played much more of an active role.
Luke Evans
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Mediator Translations

mediator in German is Schlichterin, Vermittler, Vermittler
mediator in Spanish is acomodador, mediador
mediator in Swedish is medlare
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