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Definition of May


  1. An auxiliary verb qualifyng the meaning of another verb, by expressing: (a) Ability, competency, or possibility; -- now oftener expressed by can.
  2. A maiden.
  3. The fifth month of the year, containing thirty-one days.
  4. The early part or springtime of life.
  5. The flowers of the hawthorn; -- so called from their time of blossoming; also, the hawthorn.
  6. The merrymaking of May Day.
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May Translations

may in Afrikaans is kan, mag
may in Afrikaans is Mei
may in Danish is kunne
may in Danish is maj
may in Dutch is mogen
may in Dutch is bloeimaand, mei
may in Finnish is toukokuu
may in Finnish is voida
may in French is mai
may in French is pouvoir
may in Italian is maggio
may in Italian is potere
may in Norwegian is mai
may in Portuguese is possa
may in Portuguese is Maio
may in Spanish is poder
may in Spanish is mayo
may in Swedish is maj