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Definition of Materialize


  1. To invest with material characteristics; to make perceptible to the senses; hence, to present to the mind through the medium of material objects.
  2. To regard as matter; to consider or explain by the laws or principles which are appropriate to matter.
  3. To cause to assume a character appropriate to material things; to occupy with material interests; as, to materialize thought.
  4. To make visable in, or as in, a material form; -- said of spirits.
  5. To appear as a material form; to take substantial shape.

Materialize Quotations

Founders go wrong when they start to believe their business plan will materialize as written. I advise entrepreneurs to burn their business plan - it's simply too dangerous to the health of your business.
Alexander Osterwalder

Investment bubbles and high animal spirits do not materialize out of thin air. They need extremely favorable economic fundamentals together with free and easy, cheap credit, and they need it for at least two or three years. Importantly, they also need serial pleasant surprises in such critical variables as global GNP growth.
Jeremy Grantham

But the real focus should be on people who are buying today because the base is so big it will take a long time for any change materialize on an overall basis.
Sanjay Kumar

I'm always working on stuff. But they never materialize. I'm always working on movies and TV shows.
Colin Quinn

The attacks of September 11 persuaded many Americans that what might seem to be obscure or distant potential threats can very quickly materialize and it therefore makes sense to attend to them even before they become urgent.
Michael Mandelbaum
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Materialize Translations

materialize in Dutch is verstoffelijken, materialiseren

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