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Definition of Margin


  1. A border; edge; brink; verge; as, the margin of a river or lake.
  2. Specifically: The part of a page at the edge left uncovered in writing or printing.
  3. The difference between the cost and the selling price of an article.
  4. Something allowed, or reserved, for that which can not be foreseen or known with certainty.
  5. Collateral security deposited with a broker to secure him from loss on contracts entered into by him on behalf of his principial, as in the speculative buying and selling of stocks, wheat, etc.
  6. To furnish with a margin.
  7. To enter in the margin of a page.

Margin Quotations

Yes, all fundamentalists feel that in a secular society, God has been relegated to the margin, to the periphery and they are all in different ways seeking to drag him out of that peripheral position, back to center stage.
Karen Armstrong

In this quest to seek and find God in all things, there is still an area of uncertainty. There must be. If a person says that he met God with total certainty and is not touched by a margin of uncertainty, then this is not good.
Pope Francis

I worry about 10, 15, 20, 25 years down the road. Where are we going to be in this age of nuclear weapons, where there is no margin for error?
Lincoln Chafee

I generally disagree with most of the very high margin opportunities. Why? Because it's a business strategy tradeoff: the lower the margin you take, the faster you grow.
Vinod Khosla

I wrote 'All is Lost' while editing 'Margin Call'. I did that long before I knew if I was ever going to get to make another movie.
J. C. Chandor
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Margin Translations

margin in Dutch is kant, marge, rand
margin in French is marge
margin in German is begrenzen, Begrenzung, Gewinnmarge
margin in Italian is lembo
margin in Portuguese is margem
margin in Spanish is margen
margin in Swedish is marginal
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