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Definition of Mansion


  1. A dwelling place, -- whether a part or whole of a house or other shelter.
  2. The house of the lord of a manor; a manor house; hence: Any house of considerable size or pretension.
  3. A twelfth part of the heavens; a house. See 1st House, 8.
  4. The place in the heavens occupied each day by the moon in its monthly revolution.
  5. To dwell; to reside.

Mansion Quotations

All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

When I was 2, we moved into an imposing country mansion 8 miles west of Cardiff, Wales.
Roald Dahl

I love everything that Frank Gehry does. I wish I could have that man build me a Wayne Manor-style mansion, like his idea of it.
Pharrell Williams

The innocent mansion of a panther's heart!
Allen Tate

Some artists are working to buy the mansion or whatever the element of fame must bear, but I spend all my money on my show.
Lady Gaga
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Mansion Translations

mansion in Dutch is herenhuis
mansion in German is Villa
mansion in Italian is villa
mansion in Spanish is chalet
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