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Definition of Managerial


  1. Of or pertaining to management or a manager; as, managerial qualities.

Managerial Quotations

We are shifting from a managerial society to an entrepreneurial society.
John Naisbitt

Over the past several years, I've been more in a managerial role.
Dennis Ritchie

We created the hierarchical, pyramidal, managerial system because we needed it to keep track of people and things people did; with the computer to keep track, we can restructure our institutions horizontally.
John Naisbitt

I was always fascinated by the decision-making process and the managerial process and just business in general.
Ronald Perelman

I have had interviews and got close to taking a managerial job. I would consider going back into football.
Alan Shearer
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Managerial Translations

managerial in Spanish is directivo
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