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Definition of Malleable


  1. Capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer, or by the pressure of rollers; -- applied to metals.

Malleable Quotations

The past is malleable and flexible, changing as our recollection interprets and re-explains what has happened.
Peter L. Berger

The beauty of jazz is that it's malleable. People are addressing it to suit their own personalities.
Pat Metheny

Relativity challenges your basic intuitions that you've built up from everyday experience. It says your experience of time is not what you think it is, that time is malleable. Your experience of space is not what you think it is; it can stretch and shrink.
Brian Greene

Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable. They can be easily shaped with strong words.

'Empathy' is the latest code word for liberal activism, for treating the Constitution as malleable clay to be kneaded and molded in whatever form justices want. It represents an expansive view of the judiciary in which courts create policy that couldn't pass the legislative branch or, if it did, would generate voter backlash.
Karl Rove
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Malleable Translations

malleable in French is extensible
malleable in German is dehnbar
malleable in Italian is espansivo
malleable in Spanish is dilatable, maleable
malleable in Swedish is formbar, smidbar
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