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Definition of Malign


  1. Having an evil disposition toward others; harboring violent enmity; malevolent; malicious; spiteful; -- opposed to benign.
  2. Unfavorable; unpropitious; pernicious; tending to injure; as, a malign aspect of planets.
  3. Malignant; as, a malign ulcer.
  4. To treat with malice; to show hatred toward; to abuse; to wrong; to injure.
  5. To speak great evil of; to traduce; to defame; to slander; to vilify; to asperse.
  6. To entertain malice.
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Malign Translations

malign in Dutch is schadelijk
malign in German is unheilvoll, schlechtmachen
malign in Italian is nefasto
malign in Spanish is aciago
malign in Swedish is elakartad, baktala