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Definition of Lung


  1. An organ for aerial respiration; -- commonly in the plural.

Lung Quotations

If you just do a Google search and type in 'smoking' or 'lung cancer', you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die.
Matthew Gray Gubler

Now I'm being blamed not only for anorexia but for lung cancer. - On being a social smoker.
Kate Moss

In 2008, while the film version of my book 'Choke' was coming to market, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. That meant that I had to appear in public to promote a comedy about a son trying to save his dying mother - the plot of Choke - while privately I was caring for my own dying mother. It was torture.
Chuck Palahniuk

You don't have free will when you have lung cancer.
Bill O'Reilly

I have a huge rib cage, which is why I can hold a note out until I'm blue in the face... because I have such a big lung capacity.
Jessica Simpson
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Lung Translations

lung in Afrikaans is long
lung in Danish is lunge
lung in Dutch is long
lung in Finnish is keuhko
lung in French is poumon
lung in German is Lunge
lung in Norwegian is lunge
lung in Swedish is lunga
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