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Definition of Luminous


  1. Shining; emitting or reflecting light; brilliant; bright; as, the is a luminous body; a luminous color.
  2. Illuminated; full of light; bright; as, many candles made the room luminous.
  3. Enlightened; intelligent; also, clear; intelligible; as, a luminous mind.

Luminous Quotations

At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear. It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us. You can love completely without complete understanding.
Norman Maclean

Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.
Virginia Woolf

The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.
Isadora Duncan

Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world; the luminous world is that which we do not see. Our eyes of flesh see only night.
Victor Hugo

Painting is by nature a luminous language.
Robert Delaunay
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Luminous Translations

luminous in French is lumineux
luminous in German is leuchtend
luminous in Italian is fulgente, squillante
luminous in Norwegian is selvlysende
luminous in Spanish is luminoso