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Definition of Lounge


  1. To spend time lazily, whether lolling or idly sauntering; to pass time indolently; to stand, sit, or recline, in an indolent manner.
  2. An idle gait or stroll; the state of reclining indolently; a place of lounging.
  3. A piece of furniture resembling a sofa, upon which one may lie or recline.

Lounge Quotations

To me, the greatest invention of my lifetime is the laptop computer and the fact that I can be working on a book and be in an airport lounge, in a hotel room, and continue working; I fire up my laptop, and I'm in exactly the same place I was when I left home - that, to me, is a miracle.
Bill Bryson

I'm coming out with a wine... I'm actually a restaurateur. I have Famous Famiglia Pizzeria that has opened up in the Sacramento airport. I'm also working with my business partner on opening up the Linnethia Lounge.
NeNe Leakes

At the pinnacle of great design are products so gorgeous and lust-worthy that you want to lick them: a Porsche 911, Samsung's Luxia TV, an Eames lounge chair or anything by Loro Piana.
Gary Hamel

When I was in pre-production for Trees Lounge, I was hearing the cinematographer talking with the production designer about colours and this and that, and feeling like I was losing control.
Steve Buscemi

Once, as an experiment, I travelled around the world with a single suit. Before I left, I went to a tailor in Savile Row and asked him to make me a suit that I could wear in any climate and which I could use as a tuxedo, a dinner jacket, a lounge suit and a blazer.
George Hamilton
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Lounge Translations

lounge in Danish is aula
lounge in Dutch is zaal, salon
lounge in French is studio, salon, foyer
lounge in German is Aufenthaltsraum {m}, Gesellschaftsraum {m}
lounge in Italian is salotto, atrio
lounge in Norwegian is vestibyle, slentre, dovne seg, salong
lounge in Spanish is sala
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