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Definition of Lounge


  1. To spend time lazily, whether lolling or idly sauntering; to pass time indolently; to stand, sit, or recline, in an indolent manner.
  2. An idle gait or stroll; the state of reclining indolently; a place of lounging.
  3. A piece of furniture resembling a sofa, upon which one may lie or recline.
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Lounge Translations

lounge in Danish is aula
lounge in Dutch is zaal, salon
lounge in French is studio, salon, foyer
lounge in German is Aufenthaltsraum {m}, Gesellschaftsraum {m}
lounge in Italian is salotto, atrio
lounge in Norwegian is vestibyle, slentre, dovne seg, salong
lounge in Spanish is sala