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Definition of Loosen


  1. To make loose; to free from tightness, tension, firmness, or fixedness; to make less dense or compact; as, to loosen a string, or a knot; to loosen a rock in the earth.
  2. To free from restraint; to set at liberty..
  3. To remove costiveness from; to facilitate or increase the alvine discharges of.
  4. To become loose; to become less tight, firm, or compact.

Loosen Quotations

It's nice if people can finally loosen up a little bit and just go out laugh at silliness. I mean, people take themselves way too seriously sometimes.
Larry the Cable Guy

When the purse strings tighten up at museums, the institutions usually cut back and cancel shows. That's exactly the wrong reaction. In fact, now is a good time for them to loosen up - a chance to breathe and experiment a little - and go for the juicy solution lurking in their own basements.
Jerry Saltz

I've spent enough time with soldiers to know that once they get to know you and they loosen up and become themselves, they are some of the biggest hams and most charismatic, cocky, fun, humorous guys I've ever met.
Peter Berg

We need real campaign finance reform to loosen the grip of special interests on politics.
Tom Daschle

Here's the thing, with comedy - and I learned this from Will Ferrell - you can't be ashamed. If you're doing comedy, you have to fully commit to the joke. Shame is not part of it. If you act shy or uncomfortable about your body, that makes the audience shy and uncomfortable. And in a comedy you just want them to loosen up and laugh.
John C. Reilly
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Loosen Translations

loosen in German is auflockern, lockern
loosen in Italian is allentare
loosen in Spanish is aflojar
loosen in Swedish is lossna, lossa

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