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Definition of Logically


  1. In a logical manner; as, to argue logically.

Logically Quotations

Hate is only a form love that hasn't found a way to express itself logically.
Lil Wayne

Logically, harmony must come from the heart... Harmony very much based on trust. As soon as use force, creates fear. Fear and trust cannot go together.
Dalai Lama

Suffrage is a common right of citizenship. Women have the right of suffrage. Logically it cannot be escaped.
Victoria Woodhull

It is a strange fact that freedom and equality, the two basic ideas of democracy, are to some extent contradictory. Logically considered, freedom and equality are mutually exclusive, just as society and the individual are mutually exclusive.
Thomas Mann

If you wish to know how libertarians regard the State and any of its acts, simply think of the State as a criminal band, and all of the libertarian attitudes will logically fall into place.
Murray Rothbard
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Logically Translations

logically in French is logique
logically in German is logisch
logically in Italian is logico
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