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Definition of Locality


  1. The state, or condition, of belonging to a definite place, or of being contained within definite limits.
  2. Position; situation; a place; a spot; esp., a geographical place or situation, as of a mineral or plant.
  3. Limitation to a county, district, or place; as, locality of trial.
  4. The perceptive faculty concerned with the ability to remember the relative positions of places.

Locality Quotations

If every plant and flower were found in all places, the charm of locality would not exist. Everything varies, and that gives the interest.
Richard Jefferies

Before the discovery of agriculture mankind was everywhere so divided, the size of each group being determined by the natural fertility of its locality.
Arthur Keith

I come from a political family. My father was a freedom fighter. He was a prominent leader of the locality and member of the Congress party. He spent 10 years in British prisons. In the evening, in our living room, the only subject we used to discuss was politics. So politics was not unfamiliar to me.
Pranab Mukherjee

Amongst Women concentrated on the family, and the new book concentrates on a small community. The dominant units in Irish society are the family and the locality. The idea was that the whole world would grow out from that small space.
John McGahern

There's no locality on the web - every market is a global market.
Ethan Zuckerman
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Locality Translations

locality in Norwegian is sted, beliggenhet
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