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Definition of Lisp


  1. To pronounce the sibilant letter s imperfectly; to give s and z the sound of th; -- a defect common among children.
  2. To speak with imperfect articulation; to mispronounce, as a child learning to talk.
  3. To speak hesitatingly with a low voice, as if afraid.
  4. To pronounce with a lisp.
  5. To utter with imperfect articulation; to express with words pronounced imperfectly or indistinctly, as a child speaks; hence, to express by the use of simple, childlike language.
  6. To speak with reserve or concealment; to utter timidly or confidentially; as, to lisp treason.
  7. The habit or act of lisping. See Lisp, v. i., 1.
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Lisp Translations

lisp in Dutch is lispelen
lisp in German is lispeln
lisp in Norwegian is lespe
lisp in Portuguese is cicie
lisp in Spanish is ceceo