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Definition of Linguistics


  1. The science of languages, or of the origin, signification, and application of words; glossology.

Linguistics Quotations

Dr. Karel Culik is an outstanding applied mathematician, a specialist in algebra, logic, computer sciences and mathematical linguistics. In 1965, he visited the linguistics research program at MIT, and we have worked together on several projects since.
Noam Chomsky

When I was a college student and I got interested in linguistics the concern among students was, this is a lot of fun, but after we have done a structural analysis of every language in the world what's left? It was assumed there were basically no puzzles.
Noam Chomsky

I have my own vocabulary. I love linguistics. That surprises people.
Matthew McConaughey

According to scholars of linguistics, the relation between a word and its meaning is arbitrary.
Roy Blount, Jr.

It is one of the aims of linguistics to define itself, to recognise what belongs within its domain. In those cases where it relies upon psychology, it will do so indirectly, remaining independent.
Ferdinand de Saussure
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Linguistics Translations

linguistics in German is Sprachwissenschaft
linguistics in Italian is linguistica
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