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Definition of Linguistic


  1. Alt. of Linguistical

Linguistic Quotations

Logic and mathematics are nothing but specialised linguistic structures.
Jean Piaget

Literature that keeps employing new linguistic and formal modes of expression to draft a panorama of society as a whole while at the same time exposing it, tearing the masks from its face - for me that would be deserving of an award.
Elfriede Jelinek

I believe that political correctness can be a form of linguistic fascism, and it sends shivers down the spine of my generation who went to war against fascism.
P. D. James

In October 1920 I went to Leeds as Reader in English Language, with a free commission to develop the linguistic side of a large and growing School of English Studies, in which no regular provision had as yet been made for the linguistic specialist.
J. R. R. Tolkien

There is no such thing as too much swearing. Swearing is just a piece of linguistic mechanics. The words in-between are the clever ones.
Peter Capaldi
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Linguistic Translations

linguistic in Dutch is taal-, taalkundig
linguistic in French is linguistique
linguistic in German is sprachlich, sprachwissenschaftlich
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