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Definition of Lightly


  1. With little weight; with little force; as, to tread lightly; to press lightly.
  2. Swiftly; nimbly; with agility.
  3. Without deep impression.
  4. In a small degree; slightly; not severely.
  5. With little effort or difficulty; easily; readily.
  6. Without reason, or for reasons of little weight.
  7. Commonly; usually.
  8. Without dejection; cheerfully.
  9. Without heed or care; with levity; gayly; airily.
  10. Not chastely; wantonly.
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Lightly Translations

lightly in Dutch is zwak, lichtjes, zwakjes, licht
lightly in German is leicht
lightly in Italian is poco pesante
lightly in Latin is leviter
lightly in Portuguese is levemente
lightly in Spanish is ligeramente, facil