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Definition of Lid


  1. That which covers the opening of a vessel or box, etc.; a movable cover; as, the lid of a chest or trunk.
  2. The cover of the eye; an eyelid.
  3. The cover of the spore cases of mosses.
  4. A calyx which separates from the flower, and falls off in a single piece, as in the Australian Eucalypti.
  5. The top of an ovary which opens transversely, as in the fruit of the purslane and the tree which yields Brazil nuts.
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Lid Translations

lid in Dutch is bedekking, kaft, deksel, omslag
lid in French is couvercle, couverture
lid in German is Lid, Deckel
lid in Italian is callotta, palpebra
lid in Norwegian is lokk, deksel
lid in Portuguese is tampa
lid in Swedish is lock