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Definition of Leverage


  1. The action of a lever; mechanical advantage gained by the lever.

Leverage Quotations

When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results.
Warren Buffett

For American foreign aid to become more effective, it must embrace the power of partnerships, access the transformative nature of free enterprise, and leverage the abundant resources that can come from the private sector.
Mitt Romney

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. The knowledge and skills they have represent the fuel that drives the engine of business - and you can leverage that knowledge.
Harvey Mackay

! want to leverage the creativity of researchers across mathematics, statistics, data mining, computer science, biology, medicine, and the public at large.
Tan Le

The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.
Azim Premji
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Leverage Translations

leverage in German is Hebelkraft, Hebelanordnung
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