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Definition of Less


  1. Unless.
  2. Smaller; not so large or great; not so much; shorter; inferior; as, a less quantity or number; a horse of less size or value; in less time than before.
  3. Not so much; in a smaller or lower degree; as, less bright or loud; less beautiful.
  4. A smaller portion or quantity.
  5. The inferior, younger, or smaller.
  6. To make less; to lessen.
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Less Translations

less in Afrikaans is minder
less in Dutch is minder, min
less in French is petiot, moindre
less in German is wenig, weniger, geringer
less in Italian is minore, meno
less in Latin is minor
less in Norwegian is minus, mindre
less in Portuguese is menos
less in Spanish is menos, menor
less in Swedish is mindre