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Definition of Leopard


  1. A large, savage, carnivorous mammal (Felis leopardus). It is of a yellow or fawn color, with rings or roselike clusters of black spots along the back and sides. It is found in Southern Asia and Africa. By some the panther (Felis pardus) is regarded as a variety of leopard.

Leopard Quotations

These are the animals that are the reason why you don't see old animals in the wild. You don't see sick animals in the wild. You don't see lame animals in the wild, and its all because of the predator: the lion, the tiger, the leopard, all the cats.
Tippi Hedren

A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit.
Ivy Compton-Burnett

The snow leopard is absolutely magnificent. It represents really what endangered species are all about.
Jack Hanna

I've eaten lion, leopard, crocodile, python. I don't recommend lion. It tastes exactly like when a tomcat comes into your house and sprays. Snake and crocodile are great - a cross between lobster and chicken.
Wilbur Smith

My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.
Jackie Collins
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Leopard Translations

leopard in Afrikaans is luiperd, tier
leopard in Dutch is luipaard, panter
leopard in Italian is leopardo
leopard in Latin is pardus, panthera
leopard in Portuguese is leopardo
leopard in Spanish is leopardo
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