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Definition of Lent


  1. of Lend
  2. imp. & p. p. of Lend.
  3. A fast of forty days, beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing till Easter, observed by some Christian churches as commemorative of the fast of our Savior.
  4. Slow; mild; gentle; as, lenter heats.
  5. See Lento.

Lent Quotations

It is obvious that God is looking at the heart when sacrifices are given to Him. He takes no delight in those who give up things for Lent and then act like it's such a struggle to perform what they said they wanted to do for Him.
Monica Johnson

At one time I smoked, but in 1959 I couldn't think of anything else to give up for Lent so I stopped - and I haven't had a cigarette since.
Ethel Merman

Lent is a time to renew wherever we are in that process that I call the divine therapy. It's a time to look what our instinctual needs are, look at what the dynamics of our unconscious are.
Thomas Keating

Every possession and every happiness is but lent by chance for an uncertain time, and may therefore be demanded back the next hour.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Those have a short Lent who owe money to be paid at Easter.
Benjamin Franklin
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Lent Translations

lent in German is geliehen, lieh, verliehen
lent in Italian is prestai
lent in Norwegian is faste
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