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Definition of Lender


  1. One who lends.

Lender Quotations

Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
William Shakespeare

Of all created comforts, God is the lender; you are the borrower, not the owner.
Ernest Rutherford

Debt is a mistake between lender and borrower, and both should suffer.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Question to be considered is, Whether the Government have reason by a Law, to prohibit the taking more than 4 l. per cent Interest for Money lent, or to leave the Borrower and Lender to make their own Bargains.
Dudley North

Ninety percent of the students take the 'preferred lender.' Why? Because that's the nature of the relationship. You trust the school. The school is in a position of authority.
Andrew Cuomo
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Lender Translations

lender in German is Verleiher, Darlehensgeber
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