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Definition of Legislator


  1. A lawgiver; one who makes laws for a state or community; a member of a legislative body.

Legislator Quotations

Punishment is the last and the least effective instrument in the hands of the legislator for the prevention of crime.
John Ruskin

It is clearly better that property should be private, but the use of it common; and the special business of the legislator is to create in men this benevolent disposition.

I wish I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a U.S. senator and later a presidential nominee. That knowledge would have made me a better legislator and a more worthy aspirant to the White House.
George McGovern

I started in the mailroom, literally, as an intern... in 1974. The legislator I was working for at the time said, 'I want you to get your law degree and come back here and get elected and be the first woman governor.' I kind of took that guy seriously - I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea.
Claire McCaskill

Moses was the greatest legislator and the commander in chief of perhaps the first liberation army.
Elie Wiesel
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Legislator Translations

legislator in German is Gesetzgeber
legislator in Italian is legiferatore
legislator in Spanish is legislador
legislator in Swedish is lagstiftare