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Definition of Legality


  1. The state or quality of being legal; conformity to law.
  2. A conformity to, and resting upon, the letter of the law.

Legality Quotations

So my own suspicion is that the attorney has stopped this prosecution because part of her defence was to question legality and that would have brought his advice into the public domain again and there was something fishy about the way in which he said war was legal.
Clare Short

The fate of every democracy, of every government based on the sovereignty of the people, depends on the choices it makes between these opposite principles, absolute power on the one hand, and on the other the restraints of legality and the authority of tradition.
John Acton

People should not be imprisoned without having the ability to challenge the legality of that imprisonment.
Jeff Bingaman

It is true that legality is not morality, and sticking to the law is necessary for good citizenship, but it is not sufficient.
Julian Baggini

Right after the assassination of Osama bin Laden, amid all the cheers and applause, there were a few critical comments questioning the legality of the act.
Noam Chomsky
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Legality Translations

legality in Norwegian is lovlighet
legality in Spanish is legitimidad, legalidad
legality in Swedish is laglighet