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Definition of Leash


  1. A thong of leather, or a long cord, by which a falconer holds his hawk, or a courser his dog.
  2. A brace and a half; a tierce; three; three creatures of any kind, especially greyhounds, foxes, bucks, and hares; hence, the number three in general.
  3. A string with a loop at the end for lifting warp threads, in a loom.
  4. To tie together, or hold, with a leash.

Leash Quotations

My obstetrician was so dumb that when I gave birth he forgot to cut the cord. For a year that kid followed me everywhere. It was like having a dog on a leash.
Joan Rivers

I want a pig. I want a pig on a leash. A baby pig on a leash.

I'm no one's lap dog, you can't put me on a leash.
John Lydon

There has been so much power concentrated. There is no leash on that power anymore and Americans face the situation that this power is getting momentum with each passing year with each presidency.
James Bovard

God has ordained that Satan have a long leash with God holding on to the leash because he knows that when we walk in and out of those temptations, struggling with both the physical effects that they bring and the moral effects that they bring, more of God's glory will shine.
John Piper
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Leash Translations

leash in German is Leine
leash in Swedish is koppel

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