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Definition of Lease


  1. To gather what harvesters have left behind; to glean.
  2. To grant to another by lease the possession of, as of lands, tenements, and hereditaments; to let; to demise; as, a landowner leases a farm to a tenant; -- sometimes with out.
  3. To hold under a lease; to take lease of; as, a tenant leases his land from the owner.
  4. A demise or letting of lands, tenements, or hereditaments to another for life, for a term of years, or at will, or for any less interest than that which the lessor has in the property, usually for a specified rent or compensation.
  5. The contract for such letting.
  6. Any tenure by grant or permission; the time for which such a tenure holds good; allotted time.
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Lease Translations

lease in Dutch is pachten, in pacht hebben
lease in Finnish is vuokrata maata
lease in French is baillons, baillez, baillent, affermer, bailler
lease in German is Miete, Miete, Pacht
lease in Italian is prendere in affitto, noleggiare
lease in Norwegian is bygsel, bygsle, leiekontrakt, leie
lease in Portuguese is aluguel
lease in Spanish is arrendamiento, locacion, arriendo
lease in Swedish is hyra ut, hyreskontrakt, uthyrning