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Definition of Lear


  1. To learn. See Lere, to learn.
  2. Lore; lesson.
  3. See Leer, a.
  4. An annealing oven. See Leer, n.

Lear Quotations

I've played Lear three times, I would love to do it again.
David Ogden Stiers

The actor is too prone to exaggerate his powers; he wants to play Hamlet when his appearance is more suitable to King Lear.
Sarah Bernhardt

I have three daughters and I find as a result I played King Lear almost without rehearsal.
Peter Ustinov

The good parts are the people who don't make do. They're the interesting people. Lear doesn't make do.
Peter O'Toole

I have no desire to play King Lear or Hamlet. I never had a grand ambition. I just followed my nose.
Liam Neeson
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