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Definition of Lax


  1. Not tense, firm, or rigid; loose; slack; as, a lax bandage; lax fiber.
  2. Not strict or stringent; not exact; loose; weak; vague; equivocal.
  3. Having a looseness of the bowels; diarrheal.
  4. A looseness; diarrhea.

Lax Quotations

If I have a weakness, it's probably ice cream. That's where I get lax, sloppy. I'll sneak into the refrigerator at night and take two or three bites and put it back. Butter pecan. Only two or three bites, but it shows.
Jack Nicklaus

Airports in major cities, like LAX, are trippy environments. It is at once a national and international gathering of those in transition: The euphoric, emerging from planes, their journey at an end, and the determined, about to depart.
Henry Rollins

In 2007 the 'dagger' of an idea that killed President Bush's effort at reforming the immigration system was lax border security.
Juan Williams

I think the older you get, the more lax you get, and the less romantic you are.
Tom Cullen

Doing nothing while the middle class is hurting. That's not leadership. Loose regulations and lax enforcement. That's not leadership. That's abandoning our middle class.
Kamala Harris
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Lax Translations

lax in German is locker
lax in Latin is dissolutus
lax in Norwegian is slapp
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