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Definition of Lark


  1. A frolic; a jolly time.
  2. To sport; to frolic.
  3. Any one numerous species of singing birds of the genus Alauda and allied genera (family Alaudidae). They mostly belong to Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. In America they are represented by the shore larks, or horned by the shore larks, or horned larks, of the genus Otocoris. The true larks have holaspidean tarsi, very long hind claws, and usually, dull, sandy brown colors.
  4. To catch larks; as, to go larking.

Lark Quotations

I sing like a lark.
Layne Staley

I'm very crafty! One time I made a television set out of a cardboard box - Everybody thought it was a lark! This was the beginning of a love affair with the arts.
Emma Watson

Housework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion. Putting up a retaining wall is a lark. But teaching is like climbing a mountain.
Fawn M. Brodie

A friend of my mom's was a casting director so, really as kind of a lark, I had a couple of acting jobs that had just enough exposure to give me the option to continue if I wanted to. I followed through with it.
Ben Affleck

I was probably the first kid in my high school to go to Yale. I applied almost as a lark. Then, when I got there, I was the dumbest person in your class.
Maya Lin
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Lark Translations

lark in Dutch is leeuwerik
lark in French is alouette
lark in German is Lerche
lark in Hungarian is pacsirta
lark in Italian is allodola
lark in Norwegian is lerke, moro
lark in Portuguese is cotovia
lark in Spanish is alondra

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