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Definition of Landlord


  1. The lord of a manor, or of land; the owner of land or houses which he leases to a tenant or tenants.
  2. The master of an inn or of a lodging house.

Landlord Quotations

A landlord is showing a couple around an apartment. The husband looks up and says, 'Wait a minute. This apartment doesn't have a ceiling.' The landlord answers, 'That's OK. The people upstairs don't walk around that much.'
Gilbert Gottfried

I want to be a successful landlord. I like real estate.
Two Chainz

We are only tenants, and shortly the great Landlord will give us notice that our lease has expired.
Joseph Jefferson

Making movies is a very different experience in a lot of ways. It's difficult when you're used to owning the copyright and having a landlord's possessory rights - I rent my plays to the companies that do them and, if I'm upset, I can pull the play. But the only two directors I've worked with are pretty great.
Tony Kushner

Most people don't know that I am an accomplished dramatic actor... But I've performed in several Shakespeare productions including Hamlet, except in this version, Hamlet lives in an apartment with two women, and has to pretend he's gay so that the landlord won't evict him.
John Ritter
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Landlord Translations

landlord in German is Hausbesitzer, Vermieter
landlord in Norwegian is vert
landlord in Spanish is casero
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