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Definition of Landlady


  1. A woman having real estate which she leases to a tenant or tenants.
  2. The mistress of an inn or lodging house.

Landlady Quotations

I like 'Goodbye My Lover' because it's a really personal song and I recorded it in my landlady's bathroom in Los Angeles. She had a piano in there and for me listening back to it, it actually sounds like the voice I hear in my head. It's so close to what I can imagine.
James Blunt

To be famous, in fact, one has only to kill one's landlady.
Albert Camus

The landlady of a boarding-house is a parallelogram - that is, an oblong angular figure, which cannot be described, but which is equal to anything.
Stephen Leacock

My landlady, who is only a tailor's widow, reads her Milton; and tells me, that her late husband first fell in love with her on this very account: because she read Milton with such proper emphasis.
Karl Philipp Moritz

Where does a man get inspiration to write a song like that? Well, he gets it from the landlady once a month.
John Michael Hayes
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Landlady Translations

landlady in German is Hausbesitzerin, Wirtin, Vermieterin
landlady in Norwegian is vertinne
landlady in Spanish is casera
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