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Definition of Landlady


  1. A woman having real estate which she leases to a tenant or tenants.
  2. The mistress of an inn or lodging house.

Landlady Quotations

The landlady of a boarding-house is a parallelogram - that is, an oblong angular figure, which cannot be described, but which is equal to anything.
Stephen Leacock

To be famous, in fact, one has only to kill one's landlady.
Albert Camus

I like 'Goodbye My Lover' because it's a really personal song and I recorded it in my landlady's bathroom in Los Angeles. She had a piano in there and for me listening back to it, it actually sounds like the voice I hear in my head. It's so close to what I can imagine.
James Blunt

My landlady, who is only a tailor's widow, reads her Milton; and tells me, that her late husband first fell in love with her on this very account: because she read Milton with such proper emphasis.
Karl Philipp Moritz

Where does a man get inspiration to write a song like that? Well, he gets it from the landlady once a month.
John Michael Hayes
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Landlady Translations

landlady in German is Hausbesitzerin, Wirtin, Vermieterin
landlady in Norwegian is vertinne
landlady in Spanish is casera
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