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Definition of Lance


  1. A weapon of war, consisting of a long shaft or handle and a steel blade or head; a spear carried by horsemen, and often decorated with a small flag; also, a spear or harpoon used by whalers and fishermen.
  2. A soldier armed with a lance; a lancer.
  3. A small iron rod which suspends the core of the mold in casting a shell.
  4. An instrument which conveys the charge of a piece of ordnance and forces it home.
  5. One of the small paper cases filled with combustible composition, which mark the outlines of a figure.
  6. To pierce with a lance, or with any similar weapon.
  7. To open with a lancet; to pierce; as, to lance a vein or an abscess.
  8. To throw in the manner of a lance. See Lanch.

Lance Translations

lance in German is Lanze
lance in Italian is lancia
lance in Spanish is lanza
lance in Swedish is spjut, lans