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Definition of Lair


  1. A place in which to lie or rest; especially, the bed or couch of a wild beast.
  2. A burying place.
  3. A pasture; sometimes, food.

Lair Quotations

I'm just fiercely protective. It's like, that's my lair and nobody messes with my lair.
Whitney Houston

The heart of Dragon's Lair has always been its compelling story. With Dragon's Lair 3D, we think the team has really created an interactive animated movie.
Don Bluth

Dragon's Lair 3D is about as close as you can come to controlling an animated feature film.
Don Bluth

I'm also very pleased that we were able to include a full orchestrated score for Dragon's Lair 3D. The 40 different music pieces blend with the action to make you feel more a part of the whole adventure.
Don Bluth

I remember when we were doing the first Dragon's Lair, I got really involved with coming up with all the little rooms and what was the danger in the room and going into it with bats and spiders and snakes.
Don Bluth
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Lair Translations

lair in German is lagern
lair in Latin is cubile
lair in Norwegian is hi, hule
lair in Swedish is lya, kula, bo

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