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Definition of Lain


  1. of Lie, v. i.
  2. of Lie

Lain Quotations

Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.

And suddenly, like light in darkness, the real truth broke in upon me; the simple fact of Man, which I had forgotten, which had lain deep buried and out of sight; the idea of community, of unity.
Ernst Toller

How many persons condemned to the horrors of solitary confinement have gone mad - simply because the thinking faculties have lain dormant!
Jules Verne

As perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me: all things leave me: You remain.
Arthur Symons

The great hinderance to the development of this continent has lain in the lack of capital.
William Graham Sumner
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Lain Translations

lain in German is gelegen
lain in Hungarian is vesztegel, horgonyoz, hever, fekszik
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